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Safety Tips

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Use these simple guidelines to ensure that you or any family member doesn’t get injured:

  • Don't wear loose clothing when operating equipment. Items such as scarves, unbuttoned jackets and untied shoes. These can get caught in the machinery and cause serious injury or fatalities.

  • Keep equipment well maintained. Make sure all shields and covers are in place. Have the brakes, lights and four way flashers and signals in good working order.

  • Shut the engine off before doing any repairs.

  • Workplace Safety and Health Regulations require all farm tractors manufactured after December 31, 2000 be equipped with Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS). There is also a requirement that equipment have a seat belt for the operator. The ROPS requirement does not apply to tractors which are under 700 kg.

  • Watch for overhead power lines when moving large equipment. Most overhead power lines have no protective insulation. Any contact with them could cause serious burns, injuries, and costly repairs. Protect yourself and others on your farm. Know your route before you transport tall equipment.

  • Wear protective clothing to suit the job. Too often an individual will not wear the proper protective gear for the task at hand. Make sure your protective gear is in good repair. Chemical resistant jackets, pants, hats, boots, gloves, approved chemical cartridge respirators and goggles should always be available on your farm.

  • Watch out for children. Check around equipment for children or objects before starting up the engine and moving it to another location.

  • Use safety when moving bales. Use tractors with grapple forks for safely moving large bails. Too often the use of front end loaders result in an accident with the bale dislodging from the loader and crushing the operator.







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